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10 Modern Ways on how to wear sneakers

Modern Ways sneaker.

I’m talking to you guys today about twelve ways to style the classic sneakers we’re to take a look at the high-top. Since I don’t like the low tops to be completely honest, but I got four pairs of shoes for you today. Ten outfits, let’s jump right.

1. Cargo Pants with White Canvas High Tops

We’re starting with a couple of cargo pants and the white canvas high tops now I’m going to go for a look that’s a little bit unusual for Commerce. I think a little bit more of a dressed-up look, so take note first that I am wrapping the laces around my ankle and then cuffing up the pants. Then I’m adding a white button-down shirt with a brown suede trucker jacket to create a laid-back look that’s still a little bit more dressed up than you usually would expect from a pair.

2. Blue Jeans with White Sneaker

We’re getting a little bit more casual with the blue jeans and still sticking with the white high tops, in this case, I’m not wrapping them around my ankles. But I’m again coming up the jeans just once for a similar look like I kind of like the long waist look I don’t do it a lot. Still, I wish to show you a variation of what you can do with the laces; then we have a simple white t-shirt and a hoodie up top to me this is a very classic Commerce look. Where you know you embrace the casualness of the outfit now, the hoodie unfortunately shrunk a little bit and wash. So if you’re going to go for this look, please maybe go for a little bit more of a relaxed fit.

3. Spring Looks Sneakers

We’re starting with the pants from Zara you might remember this from the spring trend, and we have a little bit of a life hack. So if you don’t have no-show socks, you can take regular socks and wrap them down like kind of double-layer them to hide them if you primarily it works with quickly if you have high-top sneakers and I do that a lot with my converse honestly. Because I like the sock to be a little bit higher anyway, so just a few life hacks if you guys enjoy that the relaxed pants with a white t-shirt and then a loosely knit sweater. It’s almost the exact look from the spring front a little bit more creative then you know your average look. You not have a little bit of fun and use the converse as an excellent classic base for a more experimental look otherwise look.

4. Wrap The Laces

We’re now switching things up and switching to the knee we chemists high-top converse. I honestly think it’s you know if you’re going to go for color, it’s an effortless color to go for it ties them with all the genes that you might have. It’s just a beautiful simple base, so in this case, I’m wearing skinny chinos in gray color. Then I’m wearing a white t-shirt once again I’m tucking it in wrap the laces around the ankle cuff the pants up. Then put an unstructured stretchy blazer up top for once back a more open OK for a more relaxed but still put-together look that feels like Commerce can be youthful like in perception. Still, you can also definitely dress them up in a way that makes them just a little bit more mature with luck.

5. White Ripped Jeans with Shoes

We are going for the more youthful vibe though I’m wearing a pair of white ripped jeans that are from rag-and-bone once again, lacing the laces around my ankle flipping. It up once, and I have a super soft cotton button-down from that picks up the color of the converse once again, so it’s an effortless outfit. I just wanted to show you that even with three pieces, the shoes the pants and the shirt, I feel like you can put together an offer that looks good and is a little bit of a standout also if it’s not a lot put together with look.

6. It Makes A Fresh Look.

We’re bracing the color Navy entirely, so wearing a pair of skinny jeans. I think they’re from Zara don’t quote me on that I teach art form Urban Outfitters that has a long line and an asymmetrical hemline and up top a hoodie from Tommy. So here you can see it worked out with the fit a lot better than before, but getting color inspiration the shoe itself. Where we’re combining the Navy with the white throughout the entire outfit, and I think it makes for a fresh look.

7. Black Leather Sneaker with Leather Jacket

We are now moving on to the black leather converse after the white canvas commerce. These have to be my favorites I’ve wanted them when I was like 14 for about two years before I got my first pair. I love them look kind of a little bit rugged and just sleek, and I like the leather they’re super comfy and high-quality. So I’m picking it up with a leather jacket, and an all-black look a black t-shirt black skinny jeans super simple grungy but I think the fact that leather Blackjacks elevates the look the sleek look. I wear this leather jacket a lot on my motorcycle, and even with the Commerce, it works as a motorcycle look.

8. Suit with Sneaker

We just did a grungy look with those shoes doesn’t mean that you can’t dress them up they’re put a much more casual spin on the entire outfit. But in this case, I’m wearing black suit pants and then a white Henley that’s from suit supply and here’s the matching suit jacket. So this suit is a stretchy like tech fabric from theory, so it is a very casual suit even though. It’s a black suit, but I think embracing that sportiness that like tech modern feel with the sneakers works and the black and white combo is a timeless one look.

9. Sneaker with Denim Jacket

Once again more on the edgy side, so here we have a pair of ripped black skinny jeans. I stuck them inside the tongue of the Commerce, which I don’t usually do, and then we have a white tank top, but this these are off, and we have full denim look like denim on denim is something that works. You don’t have to pick up the leather-like a bit in the first outfit, so we have a ripped up faded denim jacket up top and ripped jeans on the bottom.

10. Shorts with Sneaker

I integrated a pair of shorts which you guys know I don’t necessarily love wearing so much, but I’m doing the trick again with the socks. So obviously hide them case we don’t want to have your socks showing and the white shorts are from Paige once again, and up top, I have a Bordeaux it’s almost looking black but if in the bright daylight you. See it’s a dark Bordeaux polo shirt so casual it’s a little bit youthful but also a little bit mature tucking it in just halfway kind of help balance the two between the young and the more knowledgeable to create a look. That is simple but still really works for me and then lasts but not least we have a look.

let’s finish this article with a pair of sneakers. I love those are probably the least easy to pull off. Still, it’s a great color to choose because it is relatively versatile, at least in my opinion, so I’m starting with a pair of slim five-pocket cotton pants from Paige that are a beautiful earth color and then up top. I have a short sleeve denim shirt that usually I like picking up a unique color. If I have one like the outfit, but in this case, I thought it worked well with the earth tones and then having just a denim color in the look kind of serves as a neutral for the outfit for a look.

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