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A complete guide to wedding guest attire

A complete guide to wedding guest attire

We’re talking about how to dress for that fall wedding discussing various men’s lifestyle topics such as style date. I have an upcoming wedding that I’m be attending how I go about picking an outfit for a wedding win. It gives a great guy and coincides with my thought process and picking out a fall wedding. I’m taking you through my step-by-step process on how I choose what to wear for this wedding and how you can use the same techniques.

If you find yourself invited to a fall wedding so without further ado, let’s get to my breakdown on how you should dress. If you’re a guest at a fall wedding now as we get into this breakdown, I don’t want you necessarily think you have to wear what I’m going to wear. Still, I want you to wear something similar and use my outfit.

Gray or navy suit for wedding

So first off, let’s talk about that suit choice now you can quickly get away with wearing your standard gray or navy suit, but you look just like most guys at the wedding. The fog is your opportunity to stand out, but subtly, I suggest you pick a dark suit with a beautiful pattern to it whether. It’s a windowpane like I have on today may be a tweet maybe even a Glen plaid some along those lines a nice dark suit with a subtle pattern definitely way to go in a suit.

Light grey windowpane wedding suit

As you can see, I’ve chosen to go with one of my favorite suits my light grey windowpane. It’s a lovely subtle pattern that helps me stand out from the sea of gray suits. But it’s not too far out there when I’m taking the shine from the groom next up let’s talk about your choice of dresses now because I’m suggesting you a pattern soup. I recommended you go simple with the dress shirt you don’t want people’s eyes competing on what the focus with you got that beautiful stand out a suit.

White dress shirt with dark color tie

I suggest you go with your standard white dress shirt this beautiful clean, simple palette in the dress shirt. Let’s shoot have something to bounce off of now let’s talk about that tie. I was going to suggest you go with a dark or neutral tone color tie there works well at the wedding.

Bold pattern suit

I’m talking about your greens your Browns or maybe in a dark blue and depending. How bold your pattern is in your suit or not so bold. That’s how subtle or bold I would go with the time because I have this nice subtle grey windowpane. I went with the blue tie with the delicate pattern of brown in it. Yes, you can wear design on the trend.

Burnished brown wingtips shoes for wedding

Now let’s talk about the perfect shoes to wear to that fall wedding. I highly suggest you go with the fall favorite a pair of Broome or maybe even more specifically a pair of wingtips and did you know anything about you know. I suggest brown wingtips love brown dress shoes, most guys. They have your standard black oxford. I want you to stand out of date; that’s why you’ve seen me in this look put on my favorite pair of dress shoes. My burnished brown wingtips from two Boonton New York and these brown shoes perfectly complement the five brown stripe.

Suit with overcoat in wedding 

I have in my tie and last but certainly not least on what I ink you should wear to a fall wedding because of the unpredictability of the fall weather. I suggest you grab that overcoat now nice sleek overcoat is a perfect complement to your dressy suit outfit gentleman’s coat, and it’s cut perfectly to fit over that suit. As you can see here, I’ve chosen my charcoal overcoat that goes perfectly with the outfit. That I’m right, you want to prepared for that weather or the drop-in temperature night make sure you grab a sexy slim modern overcoat. Okay, so there you have it, my guy, and my thought process on how you should pick out an outfit.

I invited to that wedding what you would write to a farm wedding as always. I hope you enjoyed the article. You’re so is that like to grow your wardrobe and mix it up as always. Thanks, you have a question you want answered drop in the comment section below, and we’ll get right on it if you’re going to see more.

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