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Business Casual Attire for Men

Business Casual Attire for Men

The inspiration for you will have links to every one of these looks down below, but you know everybody’s got suits everybody has polo’s, and everything fits differently with everybody. There are just some examples that we are giving you for business casual, so I think now we should start with what exactly is casual business right.

Polo and Jeans

What I mean guys the thing about business casual is it can be anything from jeans and a polo to a suit without a tie. So business casual is like the vaguest term of all time. It depends on where you live where you work and what is in your office.

Overdressed vs Under Dress

 I think you know once you go to work a few times when you get a new job you can kind of feel out the office and see what’s possible and honestly. It’s probably better to go more dressed than less so you know to take the lowest guy at the office and at least do more than he does, yeah, I think that’s always like our slogan. You still don’t want to be overdressed versus under dress.

Business Casual Defined Today for Men

I think this is how business casual has kind of like developed into like a full-on look all right guys, so today we put together four different business casual looks ranging from casual to as pretty. Much as four modes, you can get still call it business casual, so Blake took that end, and I took the more casual end. I went with this retro-inspired polo from Express I like the contrasting piping. It gave it a little retro vibe and the more extended placket which you don’t see much on Pohl’s these days I love that’s coming back gives it a more you know the 70s feel to it.

Chinos and Khakis

I think I picked up this polo in like three different colors, and it excellent. Then I finished the look off with these stretch chinos I got these also in khaki, so I’ve been wearing these around just to kind of test them out and see how they work, and honestly. I can sit down in them all feel like a comfy Jean. It doesn’t even contact as I’d you know sometimes chinos have that it was too rough you see this one that’s nice these are super casual they fit well off the rack.

Slim fit a regular fit

Look today. I’m a full suit a little bit more of a bold like that royal blue, but this is straight off the rack zero tailoring I think expressed as an excellent job at making sure that the fit is on the point you know. We always stress this about having the right fit for my body. This fit is phenomenal, and a slim fit a regular fit. We also have long, so if you’re like a super tall guy, they got you covered. If you’re like a regular kind of boxy guy, you haven’t covered or someone like me who’s thin and likes to have everything tailored. They have you covered I just paired it merely with the blue shirt.

Shirt Style

I went with the theme of like business casual, so I was like almost like a casual style shirt. I mean, I wouldn’t consider as a full denim shirt, but it has like that vibe I said skip the tie to make it like business casual if I wanted to be more dressy. I could quickly just put on like a beautiful silk tie black or dark blue and be like 100% like business thing right guys and one thing to consider. When you’re going business casual, I think what makes this look so hard to pull off is that you know a polo and chinos don’t necessarily look great by itself but if it fits correctly.


I mean pretty much everyone hasn’t expressed and I say so what do you good about Express is that it’s very attainable it’s everywhere, and also they always have killer. I’ talking about like 30 40 percent off think these were these were a buy one get one buy. so what I did to their newsletter, and I get all the updates, and then I get to see what’s on sailing alright guys that pretty much wraps at the blog I hope this was interesting for you thank you.

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