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What to wear for a job interview

What to wear for a job interview

Today I would like to show a look that you could quickly put together for a job interview. There are many aspects of the interview, which are very important. The wear you dress is one of the critical elements in the final decision for a majority of the companies.

Suit for a Professional Interview

Your outfit is more important than you think it shows you’re serious about the job and displays professionalism unless you work in a creative field. An interview is not the time to look edgy-cool or hip. Your outfit should project qualities like class and confidence, not sloppiness or immaturity. If you know what the employees dress and happen to be on the casual side, you’ll still want to suit up for the interview you haven’t got the job yet. So wearing as you do is not the way to do it you need to impress your future employer, that’s why you want to go with the suit a professional interview.

Interview Looks for Men

 Here is the top 3 interview looks for men, depending on the company culture and the dress code within the organization! Suiting up for a formal meeting is always a safe option. A navy blue or dark grey suit would be a great idea, with a matching tie, skinny or regular.

Navy Blue Suit

Charcoal or a navy, both colors are warm and approachable. You want to avoid black because it’s too formal picking out. The right shirt and tie are essential to remember you want to keep it simple, and classic a more full light blue shirt will work with either suit. Make sure you dry clean or iron your shirt before your interview because nothing says unprepared like a wrinkled dress shirt stick to the solid or very subtle pattern red or blue ties.

Business Casual Look

Most of the companies would require a business casual look. They would include a nicely ironed shirt, slim fit trousers (denim or chino pants), a sweater. A blazer would be optional, the similarly allows for a tie.

Shirt with Jeans

Many organizations today would not identify themselves with a formal look. Those include startups, tech companies, etc. You could wear jeans and a shirt, in some occasions given a t-shirt and a shirt combination. Get to yourself nicely, even if you are not dressing up!

Black Formal Suit

Your first suit I recommend black because you can use it for any occasion the pants are a lot tighter, so it’s going to give it a more professional look. The tip of the time sit right above the belt buckle not below it and not way above it I always tell my tie in a full Windsor or sometimes called a double Windsor I think a like’s half-ass. It did take me four hours to learn how to tie a double Windsor, but after I learned. I’ll never go back now. This an example of a fitted suit that tailored the slim arms, and they hug my arm very well. The comfortably hugs my body and shows the contours of my shape.

Black Shoes Style

If you want that perfect fit for shoes, these simple shoes with small shoelaces are in style right now, but I still wear my slip-on shoes. Because I’m an idiot I don’t know how to tie shoes right, and they always come undone in most cases you want to wear a black stick with conservative colors.


If you’re wearing a charcoal suit or brown, if you’re wearing a navy suit and make sure they’re shined, it shows that you appreciate the attention to detail and willing to go the extra mile. Make sure you’re clean-shaven, or if you have a beard, make sure it’s a neatly trimmed same goes with your hair want to keep it conservative and consistent. You’re due for a haircut to eat a well ahead of time don’t wait until the day before you want to give it some time to grow out, so it looks more natural take off any earrings and rings and add a watch is always a nice touch to complete the ensemble. It shows that you care about punctuality some final tips to keep the top button of your suit buttoned and the bottom button unbuttoned. When you sit down unbutton your top button and lastly don’t wear cologne, you never know if your employer’s going to like your scent as always. Thanks

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