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What to wear for wedding at the beach

What to wear for wedding at the beach

I’m showing you how to wear for a summer beach wedding give you all the tips and insights you need that unless you groom. You’ll be the second best-dressed guy in the whole place now the biggest challenge for a summer wedding.

Is how do you look sharp but still be cool literally and figuratively that’s why each of these looks today I’ll show you they all be a lightweight material.

Classic Khaki Cotton Suit

Starting with the first look now, the first outfit up is the one I suggest you wear for daytime or outdoor summer wedding your classic khaki cotton suit now this one works great because not only is it lightweight, breathable cotton material. But it’s a lighter color perfect for the hottest season its work much better than you’re all seasoned.

Navy or Charcoal Suit

 Navy or charcoal suit, as you can see here, we have it paired with a very on-trend cotton floral tie, which is much more breathable than your typical silk or wool tie. We finish the look off with a pop of color with the brown and blue saddle shoes an excellent look for almost any summer wedding.

Dark Blue Cotton Suit

Next up we have what I suggest you wear for the nighttime summer way a dark blue cotton suit as you can see here this is almost as sharp as a year-round maybe we’ll see however because it is made of cotton it’s much more lightweight comfortable and breathable.

Once again, you have it paired with a cotton side this time a strike rep time to give a little bit of a preppy field. We finish off the shark outfit with a great pair of double mousetraps which are always in point, and stylish this is a great choice that is taking all through the night at a nighttime summer.

Tuxedo with Bow Tie and Black Shoes

Last but not least we have what I suggest you wear to a formal summer with yes you can wear a tuxedo in the summer. However, skip over your typical black wore one and grab one made of a lightweight material such as the one you see here made of chambray.

Although it’s of a lot of stuff, we’re still wearing all the typical trappings of a tuxedo got your cufflinks we got the bowtie we got a shiny black shoe. So not only are you fully dressed to the nines, you’re lightweight comfortable and the coolest guy in the spot.

Okay, so you have it everything you need to know how to dress for a summer wedding. Hence, whether you’re going to it nighttime daytime or formal summer wedding, you’ll be fully equipped to be the sharpest gets the coolest guy in the room. Let me know in the comment section  it looks like is your favorite as always I hope you enjoyed the article.

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