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What to Wear with a Pink Shirt

What to Wear with a Pink Shirt

Pink can sometimes be an intimidating color to wear a lot of guys think can I pull off a pink shirt the answer is yes you can you have to know how to wear it pink is a very versatile color. I’m going to show you four different ways to wear a pink shirt, both casually and dressy.

You Should Be Wearing Pink

It used to associate as a very masculine color many warriors used to wear to color into battle, but here’s what happened back in the 60s. It became a phenomenon that couples wanted to know the gender of the child earlier. So what companies did they seized on this opportunity and start marketing gender-specific clothes pink for boys that’s how the color became associated with immunity. So then it became widespread for many things hey girls wear pink you’re just a victim of shrewd capitalism so now that we figured out why you might not be wearing pink.

I believe you should be the first reason why that you should be wearing pink is that I think it’s a great color to break up the monotony of all that gray-blue and black a lot of us guys wear it’s a great color and one that’ll make you stand out very quickly from the crowd a second reason. I think you should be wearing pink is that although it’s a standout color, it matches a lot of other colors.

How to Wear a Pink Color

 I’m talking about your Browns, your grades your blue, it’s straightforward to match, and I’m showing you just how today during our look book and last but not least another reason you should be wearing pink women love pink and grabs that eye. They don’t want to wear a color that women are attracted to now. In my opinion, one of the most pain-free easiest ways to work pink into your wardrobe.

Pink Dress Shirt

It is through the pink dress shirt that’s because it easily matches the color of suits most of those guys. I’m talking about your Blues your grace your khakis and your Browns so in today’s look book. I’m giving you four great looks to show it is to corporate this great color and your wardrobe starting with this first look.

Pink Color Shirt During The Summer

I want to give you the one I thought guys had the least amount of trouble with that’s because most of us I’m much more comfortable wearing color during the summer over warmer months. As you can see here, we have the pink dress shirt matched up with a khaki chino suit so our footwear.

We have a nice pair of dark brown horse-bit loafers, and for the tie, we have a beautiful gray plaid tie that has a subtle hint of a pink stripe in it that, of course. It matches very well with our pink dress shirt to me this will be a knockout look at a spring or summer wedding and a straightforward pain-free way for you to incorporate the pink dress a shirt into your wardrobe.

Casual Looks

Let’s start with the casual looks this first outfit is ideal for a relaxed office environment throw in a pair of charcoal chinos with your pink button-down and layer a black v-neck sweater on top you can pair this outfit with some black Oxford’s or loafers you can wear.

Striped Pink Shirt

This next look on a Saturday afternoon date wears a pair of dark salvaged denim black or indigo both work with a striped pink oxford add some desert boots to finish it.

Suiting Up with a Pink Shirt

Off next up are the dressy looks when you’re suiting up a pink shirt is a great way to add color. The best part is pink goes with several different suit colors, including Navy gray and black. I like wearing it with my grey suit; the last look is a pink button-down on a pair of navy dress slacks wear this one with or without a tie. It’s the perfect style for a more professional office outfit.

There you go ways you never thought of wearing pink before it’s not as hard as you guessed right, so add a pink shirt or two to your wardrobe and mix it up as always. Thanks, you have a question you want answered drop in the comment section below, and we’ll get right on it if you’re going to see more.

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