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Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Trench Coat

Presenting you one of the best quality apparel known as the Sherlock Homes Coat, which Benedict Cumberbatch wore in his portrayal of the famous detective. Like other winter wool sherlock coats such as of Bane, James Bond, Supernatural and one from the Doctor Who, this apparel has too made an impact to be added in the hot fashion list among these winter collection. 

This Sherlock Holmes Coat is made from High-quality Wool Blended fabric; this is one type of outerwear you can wear for hangouts and even at work. It will keep you warm for sure, and thus you can style by adding muffler around your neck just like what Benedict Cumberbatch did as Sherlock coat. So avail it by placing your order now.


  • Internal: Polyester Lining
  • External: Wool blend
  • Front: Lapel Style Collar, along with Front Double Buttoned Closure
  • Pockets: Two Middle Hand Pockets, Two Flap Waist Pockets and Two Inside Pockets
  • Sleeves: Open Hem Cuffs
  • Color: Grey


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  1. I WON 5

    Posted by Chris Beard

    I got a bad competitor, real bad. Makes me wanna punch him. He always think he got the better style, but i'm afraid that didn't happen anymore once i started wearing the Sherlock coat. All were just crazy about my outfit and the way i added some more fashion elements, just like the actor did. Best part was that he was left alone. Happiest day, thanks a million.


  2. Forget and Wear 5

    Posted by David Payne

    I spent hours matching the coat to the series one, but it wasn't that clear in TV. Got tired of it and decided to just wear and look good. I gratefully thank Outfitrs for this marvellous piece as I really found it warm when wore it.


  3. The Truth 5

    Posted by N. Brown

    Let me start with what this jacket is; for starters the coat looks very much like the coat worn in the show. Also it is very heavy, which too me shows that a jacket is warm and well constructed. Something that should be known by a future buyer, for one this jacket is imported. Not such a bad thing, but this is not presented to you on the website. Also in the photo the jacket appears to have a fuzzy wool appearance. The real jacket does not have the fuzzy exterior, it looks smooth like a sport coat. All in all your 200 dollars buys you a nice looking jacket which seems to be very warm. If you are trying to dress up as Sherlock, then this is a good jacket for you. However, if you are looking for a Sherlock style jacket to wear for a long time in winter conditions you should wear someone extra as well.


  4. Got Help, and The Coat is Good 5

    Posted by Hugo Creed

    The coat is very warm and the shoulder region is fitting good. It is nice and long, not extra that I was scared about. I even bought myself a blue muffler, which worked really well and it is stylish. Checking by the looks of it the coat is seems to be of high quality. Service is good especially the guys who guided me the size chart and reached here safely on time.


  5. Benedict’s Inspiration 4

    Posted by Mike

    I really admire how Benedict Cumberbatch looked in that coat. Before I purchased that, I first used my dad’s coat and started taking some clicks of myself, thinking that I’m Sherlock Holmes. But since now I got the actual looking apparel of Sherlock, I don’t need to take my dad’s coat, which he is happy now and instead I can take even more pics wearing this piece. The coat is nice and warm and not to mention the fitting.


  6. For The Rest, I Find Mine Incredible 5

    Posted by Kevin Daigle

    Recently I’ve checked some reviews in some online store site, saying that “Don’t believe the size that you’re going to get” or something and some relating to the quality of it. Maybe it’s their bad day when they received their order, but the one I got have no problems that related to their complaints. I’m finding mine accurate in terms of fitting. The fitting was the thing I was worried of and for real it impressed me. Surely will recommend this site to everyone else I know.


  7. Christmas Gift For My Bro 5

    Posted by Sonny D

    The joy from my brother when he opened his Christmas gift which this coat I got for him. He claimed that he never had a long coat before. He enjoyed it at all time and wore it on the very same night he received from me. Best Christmas ever.


  8. Being The New Sherlock Here 4

    Posted by M.Crump

    This coat is warm and comfortable, just what I need for winter. The material is soft and love the color. With the pair of woolen gloves, the coat will go great along with it, I can just picture that already. I can imitate Sherlock very well. So me wearing this coat and imitate him in front of my family will be a swell thing to do.


  9. Now For My Dad 5

    Posted by Larry M

    My dad loves the look of it, which now he wants one. I was kind of puzzled that already I purchased for myself and now how am I going to get one for my dad. I have to do it anyhow. My next order is the same coat but in large and is it cool if I get it quicker? I’m already enjoying mine, and I wish the same for my dad.


  10. Not For Summer, Let Me Tell You This 4

    Posted by A. Smith

    I’m 5’9, and this coat worked perfectly on me which is fitting. Very comfortable and warm totally. Perfect for this coat to be best known for winter. I wouldn't think for a second to wear for summer. Not at all.


  11. Old Vs The New and Should Have More To IT 4

    Posted by Taylor Jones

    By comparing the old school Sherlock to this guy, the style is almost the same, except the new does not have the hat and a smoke pipe in his mouth. I purchased this coat last week, and my suggestion for this coat should have free muffler and hat as well. The price for me is high, so there has to be something more to it don’t you think?


  12. Medium That Is 4

    Posted by Tom Jordan

    I found Sherlock coat too big when i wore it on. Didn't like it at all, so I gave it back. Medium was the choice which went well after that, but really they should relax up the price let me tell you this. Overall the coat is comfortable that’s all.


  13. Better Than What I Imagined 5

    Posted by V. Kilgore

    This looks better than what I imagined. To the actor, it is big but to me it is fitting like as if I’m wearing my suit. The compliments I've received at work, and there are many who wanted to know about this coat. I gave them the site, so pretty much you’ll get more costumers thanks to me.


  14. Chaos In Size 3

    Posted by Tim Murdock

    I’m 6’0, 180lb and got this coat in large. My plan was to spend on something that would give me a good slim fitting look but got the large instead. It looks really bad on me which I should have ordered the medium instead. I gave it back and asked for the medium. Took another week to reach here but then it went all good after that.


  15. Can’t Wait For Christmas 5

    Posted by Jean Anaya

    If says suitable for Winter, so be it. I’m going to make sure that for this year’s Christmas, Sherlock will hit the Carol’s night. I purchased from here, reached safely to my place, opened the package and out came the most incredible coat I have ever seen. I’m sure many who have purchased this found it comfortable and so do I as it also keeps me warm. I’m going use a plastic bag to cover up this coat and will keep it safe in the closet.


  16. I’m All Good 5

    Posted by Frank Kennedy

    The reason I ordered this coat is because of the material and color style of it. Also, because it’s the inspirational one from Sherlock, so basically it’s a big deal. Wore it on, and the fitting is good from the shoulders, waist (when I button them) and sleeves. It’s a good coat really and you guys helped me a lot on this.


  17. Sizing Was The Problem 4

    Posted by Roger Fed

    The only problem I faced was the sizing which I returned and got another. What I liked that it didn't take long to reach here, as I needed it before my brother’s birthday that we planned to have at the restaurant. What I don’t like is the issues that I had to go through, which I’m kind of worried that if I come again here next time, how will I face the situation about sizing again?


  18. I’m Back With The Feedback 5

    Posted by D. Becker

    It’s been 5 months so far I’m enjoying this piece, and I delayed a lot about not sending you my feedback regarding this. So here I go now. Before I purchased this, I was little worried about two things. 1 is the fitting and 2 the buttons. Usually, whenever I wear any good coat, after two weeks it goes out of shape which the waist goes broader and so does the sleeves. The buttons, on the other hand, comes out, but this coat which I got it from here didn't cause me any of those. Made me happy and oh yeah Sorry for the delay.


  19. I’m Buffed Up On This 4

    Posted by Jacob Dean

    Just like in the picture, I got the same looking one. Really guys you are not kidding around about saying Screen Accuracy coat, because it really does look like it. The stitching is sturdy, and the length of the coat is long good enough to not make me look weird. The sleeves are the ones I’m checking it out the most because my 15 inch biceps are making the sleeves tighter, and I love it.


  20. The Things I Go Through 3

    Posted by Mario Henry

    I’m annoyed that my order took long and no reply what so ever came from them. They gave the coat late, and it wasn't medium. I got heated up and gave them back for the medium. Again they took long but finally got it. Not sure if I’m going to come back, here again.


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