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Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Trench Coat

Presenting you one of the best quality apparel known as the Sherlock Homes Coat, which Benedict Cumberbatch wore in his portrayal of the famous detective. Like other winter wool sherlock coats such as of Bane, James Bond, Supernatural and one from the Doctor Who, this apparel has too made an impact to be added in the hot fashion list among these winter collection. 

This Sherlock Holmes Coat is made from High-quality Wool Blended fabric; this is one type of outerwear you can wear for hangouts and even at work. It will keep you warm for sure, and thus you can style by adding muffler around your neck just like what Benedict Cumberbatch did as Sherlock coat. So avail it by placing your order now.


  • Internal: Polyester Lining
  • External: Wool blend
  • Front: Lapel Style Collar, along with Front Double Buttoned Closure
  • Pockets: Two Middle Hand Pockets, Two Flap Waist Pockets and Two Inside Pockets
  • Sleeves: Open Hem Cuffs
  • Color: Grey


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  1. It’s Ok For Now 3

    Posted by Shawn A. Russell

    The shoulders of this coat are broad, like it’s popping up not touching my shoulders. Bearable though, and not much of my friends noticed that, as they are those who note these things down and tells me straight away. My dad even found it cool so it’s confirmed I’m keeping it and not giving it back.


  2. Still In Stock 5

    Posted by Michael Summers

    By seeing so many people happy with this outfit, I was expecting it to be out of stock by now. I was literally waiting for the customer service group to say that it is still available. I had first asked my dad to check since I was a bit caught up in my friend’s surprise birthday and he scared me by saying that they said no. I found it hard to believe…I was shocked. But then my dad told me he was joking and he ordered it for me. I am now one overjoyed and satisfied customer.


  3. Worth 5 Stars 5

    Posted by Alfred Goff, USA

    Every minute detail of this grey coat deserves the 5 stars. From the major details like the texture of the coat, the color and the material to the smallest details like stitching and finishing are excellent. The price is low but it is definitely high class caliber. As for the delivery service, it was good too. Waiting for a day extra is fine as long as the quality of the product is worth it. This kept me really warm and comfy in the snow. I like it.


  4. Great Choice 5

    Posted by G.G. Morales

    I am very happy that you have decided to make itl. I think this is by far one of the most stylish outfits I have ever seen on your online store. It is right there in the Top 10. I have absolutely no complains with the service since I did not bother of the time but all I wanted was this for winter. I ordered it 2 months in advance and when I wore it, the feeling was amazing. The wool coat is definitely something I recommend if you want a comfy stylish outfit.


  5. Short Length 5

    Posted by Donald, USA

    No doubt its a piece of quality but the only issue I faced was that it was coming above my knees. They gave me the small size instead of medium. The customer service reminded me if I had a problem with the outfit then I can return it and get either another jacket or get it replaced. I chose to get it replaced since I badly wanted this coat. Now it is alright and I love every bit of it. The fact that is made of thick wool, keeps me warm in winters and it is one of my favorite outfits.


  6. Ralph A. Rizzo Heavy & Comfy 5

    Posted by Ralph A. Rizzo

    Did you just see what I did there? I made it rhyme… Okay, well if you found that lame then it’s cool. No hard feelings. Now to what I am here for, the Sherlock's style coat. Well, no complains about the delivery service. I found it very convenient and easy. I also have no complains about the price or the quality or anything. Basically I liked everything about it. I will order again because you provide the smoothest service in online shopping. The coat is heavy and comfy just how I expected wool made outfits to be.


  7. I Don’t Order Online But… 5

    Posted by Edwin Gordon Jr.

    This coat is amazing. I took a big gamble about ordering online since my friends tell me time and time again to not order from any online store because of the problems in size, fraud etc but with this site of yours I can prove them wrong. I will tell them about this online store and hopefully they too will decide to order like how I did. I like the coat a lot. It looks really stylish and comfortable. It is sad that I have to wear it only in the cold season.


  8. Not too heavy-not too thick 4

    Posted by Davin Valkov

    Of course, when you live in the coldest countries, you get used to the heavy jackets and thick sweaters. This coat is a wool blend, so it is a bit thinner than a wool coat. That doesn’t stop it from carrying out its primary goal-provide comfort and warmth. In fact, it’s fine to wear during a light snowfall.


  9. A coat is a coat after all… 5

    Posted by Mark from Pennsylvania

    Sherlock in the show wears a wool coat. A wool coat like that is worth three times more than what is given here. It is a wool blend fabric coat. Was I disappointed? Not a bit. A wool blend coat should be priced this much. Everyone knows wool coats are very expensive, especially this kind. So it would be foolish to sell it for less than $200. So before anyone of you’ll start complaining…remember the price and compare to any wool coat like this in stores near you. It is a stylish coat regardless of the price.


  10. This is definitely the lowest price for a wool blend coat 4

    Posted by Thomas Gilmore

    This coat you would see under the Belfast category, but that’s very expensive. I wouldn’t buy that. It has something very similar to that with the same features, but the thickness of the fabric is different. Not that this isn’t worth it, but the reason I got is that it works much more conveniently for me.


  11. Time To Be Sherlock! 4

    Posted by Ken Silva

    Heard a lot of people saying “this is a coat from Belstaff” As far as I know, those coats start from $1200. Those are made from pure wool, though. As far as this is concerned, there was only one complaint…it fell short. For a 6’4 guy, I wanted the coat to come to my knees at least. But it came to my thigh. So I asked if I could exchange it for a longer size because the sleeves were accurately fitting. They were kind enough to reply within 6 hours and guided me through the process. Less than a week later, I now wear a perfect length coat.


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