NULL Winter Shearling Black Trench Coat for Men

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winter shearling black trench coat for men

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  • This Shearling coat men is made with high quality Real leather. Lined with soft viscose lining.

  • This Swedish bomber jacket offers a US modern fit style. You can choose your normal size or refer our size chart.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed ★ Imported

  • This blade runner jacket is great for a simple costume, Cozy Winter, Halloween or comic con cosplay


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  1. Value For Money 5

    Posted by Sam Daniels

    Giving my review after using it for 6 months.Good Quality Jacket at the great price. stitching is good no problem with stitching. Fit me perfectly. It is comfortable to wear and look stylish. warm enough to wear it outside. The hoodie is removable which is a good option. this is the best option at this price point.Sizing Guide- I bought Size LargeMy measurements - Height 6'1 , Chest- 40, Waist- 36, Weight- 184 lbs


  2. Sizing is Odd, but the Jacket is Nice 4

    Posted by Rahul S.

    Based on other reviews, I went ahead and ordered a size up. I am 5'10", 160 lbs. with a very slim frame - I thought I'd get a small, but I went up to a medium. I guess it's my frame because the shoulders and chest area felt a bit too baggy for me. I'll qualify that by saying I prefer slimmer cuts for my clothes in general.The jacket itself feels very good. The quilted lining looks sharp, it's well-padded and maybe even a bit warmer than I need. Layer this with a light sweater and you should be all set for winter. The zippers' movements could be smoother, and I had to trim off some loose strings when I first got it, but those are non-issues given the good price of this jacket. It does have a bit of an odd smell when it first comes out of the package - almost like new car smell but a little more pungent. I'm sure airing it out will help.I'll be ordering a small to compare fits.


  3. Fantastic Affordable Product!!! 5

    Posted by John

    Great Jacket man! It really feels well built I got the Black Heavy Jacket size XL I'm 6' 2" and about 240Lbs I've got a fairly large chest and fairly large arms and Pretty big "Love Handles" with a slight stomach not big big but it is still a big stomach and it isn't tight on me with it unzipped it actually fits PERFECT unzipped,but once i zip it up it is definitely right on the verge of being too tight in fact I will most likely not wear it zipped until I lose about 10-15 more lbs.I would say I should've gotten an XXL yeah I'd be able to zip it up and it not look tight but when It's unzipped (Which is how I'll be wearing it 90% of the time I feel as if it would be much too big.I wish there was a size in between XL and XXL i know i may sound insane to some people saying this but it really is easier for me to just accept the XL and lose 10-15 lbs than to get an XXL. Everyone's body type is of course different but I'm just telling you my Story/Body type in the hopes it will help someone out there.Good luck everyone and enjoy this incredible Jacket!


  4. It's really great for the price 5

    Posted by B

    Everything is good about this jacket, so I'll talk about the not-so-good. First, the strings are different than the photos. Do I care? Not really, but good to know if it does for you. Second, the zipper is crap, it's nothing like a YKK but it works. Third, the fit of the jacket everywhere is perfect, except the waist, it is fairly baggy. So if you've a bit of a belly but nothing serious, this will still fit you well. But if you have an athletic build like me, you'll find the waist too baggy but the shoulders fit great


  5. Game Changer 5

    Posted by Silas

    This jacket is EVERYTHING. It has changed my life, no kidding. I have about a dozen jackets because I have autism and have trouble finding comfy and sturdy jackets that look good and work in different kinds of weather. This jacket covers all the bases. It's so comfortable; your sleeves don't catch/bunch because the material inside is perfect for just slipping on. It doesn't get sweaty, even when it's a bit warm (also because of that material inside) but keeps you warm in the cold. The look is original because it's a leather jacket without the douchiness that wearing a leather jacket adds. It's casual, but can be "dressed up". It doesn't smell gross like most leather and fake leather. It's the perfect length (you don't accidentally sit on it). LOVE this jacket. Thinking about ordering a second in case, God forbid something happen to this one.


  6. Nice Product, Didn't Last Long 3

    Posted by Zachary R.

    I like the fit and style of the jacket. It's nice and warm and being able to remove the hoodie for a different look is a plus. My biggest upset is after having it maybe a month and a half and taking great care of the jacket, the pleather is lifting off on my right sleeve. Some areas of the jacket appear more worn than others (most likely for effect) but I think this is what made the arm more susceptible to peeling. Considering the price of the jacket, I would have hoped for a longer life before such things would occur.


  7. Excellent jacket to buy online 5

    Posted by David P. Squire

    I've never considered buying clothes until recently and decided to buy this jacket and being that I recently lost a considerable amount of weight this year I took a chance on buying a size Large. Other comments did say that it was a slim fit so I was a little worried until it arrived and I tried it on and I was extremely pleased how warm and comfortable it really is and for a decent price, too.


  8. Great jacket without breaking the bank 5

    Posted by Zapp

    This worked really well, survived the tough New England winter. It kept me quite warm, between the liner and thick inside, and being able to zip both liner and jacket was great. The hood added that extra comfort during snow/rain or cold wind. When it started to warm up, I removed the liner and hood and it made the jacket even lighter. But with the liner it was heavy enough without being bulky. All the main zippers were strong metal and worked well.I'll address my experience with the two complaints I saw in the reviews. First is size. I wear XL to XXL shirt (depending on the brand/size) since I have large shoulders, and the XL jacket fit snug and left enough movement for comfort. So I think it fits well. Second is the fake leather wearing/rip marks. So this is fake leather, not real, and for the price I'm not too concerned with some minor wear signs. For 95% of the jacket there was no wear at all. The only place I saw the wear was in the bottom of the sleeves, which is where I think others had issues with as well. I found the reason for this was the large pockets with strong metal zipper sticking out a bit. So when walking my arms would swing and rub against those zippers. I found that if I don't have my hands in my pockets and close the zippers, it doesn't happen anymore. So that would be my suggestion for anyone purchasing this jacket.


  9. Great material. Issues with the zippers. 4

    Posted by Heero

    Fits as expected. It does use fake leather, but even after looking at it for a while and feeling it, you would fool most people that it is fake. The stitching was well done suggesting it will last a while. The main zipper has the slider on the left whereas all men's clothing has the slider on the right. The 'chest' pocket sits low (bottom of the ribs). I would've liked it to be high on the chest so you only have to unzip the jacket a few inches to reach inside the pocket. The zippers for the pockets do not have a protective inner liner so they will easily scratch anything going in or out of your pocket (like a phone). I loved the jacket, but knew that the zippers would bother me in the long run so I returned it.


  10. Incredible Value - Well Made Apparel 5

    Posted by JustHonest

    I don't do reviews often - but this jacket is amazing. It's quite heavy and suitable for Chicago winter weather, and it looks fantastic. I'm a bit particular about my appearance, and I feel really sharp while wearing this jacket. I will definitely be looking for other products made by the brand - it's REALLY well made. Highly suggest you get it if you're looking for a leather jacket. For real, it's awesome.


  11. I do not own a motorcycle 5

    Posted by Riley

    I waited to write this review until I had worn the jacket for two months. It’s very comfortable, the zippers don’t appear to break easily, and it looks good as a jacket overall. Although I’m sure it’s not made for it, I’ve worn it in harsh winds and temperatures below zero and was pleasantly surprised with how warm I stayed. It’s clearly not the ideal winter jacket, but if you’re in search of a good looking, comfortable cold weather jacket, this could be it. The biggest negative in my opinion is that it’s not machine washable, though I don’t think any faux or real leather item is. The detachable hood is however, and it’s something I didn’t expect to use but found myself liking a lot.


  12. Not the best pic 5

    Posted by Hood

    It looks and fits as expected. I was looking for something sort of semi cozy and will keep my warm and this does the job. It is not but it is not heavy in a bad way. It has this new york street sort of style. Pretty good deal for the price too. Decent material and doesn't feel cheap. I was worried it may not fit me arm wise because I'm 6ft and have long arms. But it fits perfect. Ive had guys giving me compliments in public. the only thing I noticed was that one of the side pockets seemed not to match the other. One seemed if it is sewed incorrectly but it doesnt bother me much.


  13. Nice jacket! I recommend it! 5

    Posted by Rodolphe

    It's a pretty nice jacket for sure. I'm 6ft 2in and 170lbs. I ordered the US-X-Large (shows up as XXL on the order) and it fit pretty well. It's not perfectly slim fit, but it's good enough to look good. Also enjoyed the underwear that came with it :)One thing though, a lot of users mentioned that this is very warm. I ordered the Heavy version, and it's just warm-ish. Nothing too crazy. It'd be best to wear this with a sweater for below 40 weather.


  14. Nice jacket 5

    Posted by Daniel Ruggles

    Nice warm jacket. Quality seems pretty good and my husband loves wearing it. Several reviews said sizes run small so I ordered a size up from his measurements and it fits him perfectly!


  15. Comfortable and heavy. 5

    Posted by Ali Al-Mohaishi

    This will keep you warm and cozy. It fit me really well, and the sleeves are not too long and not too short. It's well made and worth the price and wait. The ability to remove the hoodie is a nice feature as well.


  16. nice looking jacket but runs small 5

    Posted by Laurie

    Even though I had to return this because it was too small I loved the jacket on my grandson. He normally wears a large but I had read some reviews saying it ran small so I ordered the XL. It fit him but he couldn't move his arms forward and all he had underneath when he tried it on was a t shirt so it would have been even tighter with a regular long sleeve shirt. It's a really nice looking, well made jacket though and the leather feels nice. My grandson complained about the zipper too. It zips up on the opposite side of where men's jackets usually zip.


  17. Not exactly what is advertised 3

    Posted by Nick

    Pros the jacked fits and it looks cool. But there are a few things that arent so good First off the hoody laces are short. Nothing like the picture. Pretty much just a little knot. This sucks because i really like the way they look like in the picture. Long fat laces but no its only like an 2 or 3 inch long. Second is the zipper handles feel cheap. They get stuck easy and not on the fabric. They dont seem to run along the zippper smoothly. The jacket is 100% leather, satisfied with material.


  18. I love it 5

    Posted by Kevin

    This jacket is going to be my favorite jacket for awhile, it fit me perfectly as expected. I got US Medium which i normally wear in jacket sizes and it fit absolutely perfectly. Lots of reviews here say to go up a size from your normal size but i didnt and im glad i didnt. Quality is nice, the removable hood is awesome, and its very comfortable to wear.


  19. Great deal, looks great! 5

    Posted by Mj

    This jacket was on sale when I was looking for a new one for the bars. It completely exceeded my expectations!It looks great and kept me warm (in the winter) between bars! The only thing that I wish that it had was maybe an extra replacement good.


  20. True to size 4

    Posted by J. REN

    I was concerned about ordering the right size because other reviews said this jacket ran small. We ordered a size large, the size my son always wears and it fit exactly like a large. I think the sizing is right on the mark. He loves the jacket. And loves that the hood is removable. It’s brand new now, hope it lasts a couple seasons! Zipper is a little sticky. We used bar soap to lube it and seems to have done the trick. If your zipper is sticky, don’t force it. There are easy ways to get the glide smooth.


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