NULL Winter Shearling Black Trench Coat for Men

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winter shearling black trench coat for men

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  • This Shearling coat men is made with high quality Real leather. Lined with soft viscose lining.

  • This Swedish bomber jacket offers a US modern fit style. You can choose your normal size or refer our size chart.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed ★ Imported

  • This blade runner jacket is great for a simple costume, Cozy Winter, Halloween or comic con cosplay


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  1. Great jacket, size down for tall slim folks. 5

    Posted by Kevin

    I’m 6’6” 220lbs and initially ordered an XL. Felt like I was swimming the the jacket, sleeves were super bulky and it was almost like I could fit two of me in the body of it. Returned and ordered a large instead and it fits just about perfectly. Torso is a little short but would probably be fine for somebody with normal proportions. Most importantly the fit is much slimmer at larger and actually has a nice tailored look. The heaviness of the jacket will be perfect for the winter as well. Very happy with this for the price point for sure.


  2. Zipper sucks but the jacket rules 3

    Posted by Eric

    Okay so I'm going to change my rating. I have to deny it one more star. The problem with the zipper is too much. The zipper for the hood broke off and now it won't even go on. Both sides of the zipper have links missing and the hood is what completes the jacket. Pretty disappointed considering the other zippers are perfectly fine and are made of metal or whatever, but the ones for the hood are these really weak plastic pieces.Love the jacket. Hate the zipper. Damn....


  3. This is a great jacket, good quality 5

    Posted by ireland03

    I ordered the jacket in black and the heavy option as I wanted something warm for winter. I Should also state that I am a girl and wanted a jacket of this style without it stopping at my middrift or the arms not fitting properly. After searching for hours for womens jackets that weren't belly shirts, I decided to look at men's. This is a great jacket, good quality. You can unzip the hood and the lining so many different layering options. I would normally order a large for a winter jacket so sweaters could fit under, but I ordered a XL after reading reviews stating it ran small. I believe this also comes from an Asian company and clothes usually run smaller there. XL fit perfectly, arms are the right length and the jacket hit at my hip line. For a girl the shoulders might be a bit bulky beacuse its not cut to fit that way, but overall it is a very stylish, warm, and comfortable jacket. I would buy again in a different color.


  4. Excellent jacket but be careful with the size 5

    Posted by Sam Gonzalez

    I am 6'6" and thin with a medium length torso and long arms and legs. I fretted a lot over the size, and ultimately went with the XXL -- PERFECT fit. And I do mean perfect. Now bear in mind I am typically a Large (ideally a Large-tall) so the sizing for this jacket is very atypical. It is a very lean cut jacket and the larger sizes stay VERY trim in the torso.The jacket itself looks great and is solidly built. I read some reviews complaining about the buttons which secure the hood insert popping off, but I think that's due to people trying to hang it by the hood. Don't do that, it's not designed that way. Hanging it by the hood puts the weight of this fairly heavy jacket on just the 3 buttons (and not the interior zipper) which isn't really intended use and sort of common sense if you examine the thing.I went with the less heavy version and it's still quite warm and completely windproof -- perfect for cold fall weather. The zippers are a little rough/sharp but not overly so, and do seem durable. Pockets are spacious, the interior breast pocket is a plus. It will definitely smell of plastic for a few days after you get it, but it just needs to be properly aired out and then it's fine. Overall, but especially for the price, this is a fantastic jacket.


  5. Nice jacket - here's help with sizing. 5

    Posted by D. Alt

    Had a hard time figuring out what size to get, so I'm going to try to help by giving my son's measurements and the size I ordered:I ordered US size MediumChest: 38 1/2"Waist: 34"Hips" 36"Sleeve: 23" (shoulder seam to wrist)Height: 5'8"Weight : 150 lbs.My son is slender with long arms and legs, compared to his torso.Hope this helps others.The jacket itself is very nice. It had an odor when it first came out of the shipping bag. I hung it out in the room air for a couple days and it is fine now. The hoodie that zips out is a true gray color. It seems well made, though my son has not worn it except to try it on because it is still too warm here. It is actually heavier than I thought it was. It is lined well with a quilted nylon, and made of a faux leather.


  6. Great jacket 5

    Posted by Tyler Fasy

    This is my new favorite jacket. I don’t know why people are saying it runs small, I got my my normal size (large) and fits fine. 6’2 185


  7. Great price for quality 4

    Posted by Stefanie

    Has anyone washed there's yet?? If so, how did it hold up? Any tips??Bought this for my 11yr old son. The quality and price is perfect. The only complaint I have is the sweatshirt is already fraying up after two wears. Disappointed, but we'll see if I can fix that. Otherwise, my son is ecstatic!


  8. Nice well made! seems sturdy and just the right thickness that's what she said, my wife that is 5

    Posted by GRADE-A-Reviews

    This is definitely a killer deal. I read through nearly all the reviews because I have such an issue ordering jackets that are the right size because of my body which is crafted by God himself has less than conventional size issues, alright I'm kind of chubby. Anyways that's beside the point the jacket is awesome, it fits perfectly because I ordered a size above actually I ordered two sizes above I normally wear a 2X and I ordered the 4X and it fits perfectly, I'm definitely going to stay gold in this jacket Ponyboy. It's nice, it's materials feel sturdy as well as the zippers and the inner lining. I ordered the Lite version and it's plenty thick so unless you live in an area that gets muy Frio I'd recommend ordering the Lite version. Ill update in a week from now to let you know how it's holding up, but as far as right now I'm definitely have 0 buyer's remorse.


  9. Good-Great jacket with some caveats. 4

    Posted by Randy Wilkinson

    So this jacket was a weird experience for me. I have been wanting to get a nice leather/faux leather jacket for a while and when this was on sale for Cyber Monday I decided to snag it. I got it for $42 instead of the normal $70, which plays into my rating here.1st of all I ordered the Black(heavy) version both because I thought it was the best looking one and because it was the only one on sale, but that IS NOT what I received. I received a Brown one (I think it is the coffee(heavy) one, but not sure). I was going to send it back but my wife said she thought the brown one looked really good on me and since it fits me well enough (always a concern when buying clothes you don't get to try on 1st) I decided to just let it be and keep the brown one. So my rating takes a bit of a hit there.As for fit, I was nervous just because of how inconsistently sized clothes tend to be online. I am 6' tall, about 250lbs with most of my extra size in my stomach/spare tire region. Generally speaking 2XL fits me just right but sometimes with outerwear it's good to buy 1 size up and based on some of the reviews I considered doing that here, but I'm glad that I didn't.The fit is a bit unique but not horrible. The sleeves are a couple inches longer than I expected (probably at least 3XL length) but that is fine because they stay in place with the fabric cuffs at the wrist. It fits just right and exactly as expected in the shoulders and upper chest. It is smaller/tighter than expected covering my stomach(closer to an XL size there). It could stand to be a couple inches longer as it fits just right length wise (again probably XL length) until you move around/bend over/reach up etc... overall the fit is very comfortable when unzipped, and not perfect but acceptable when zipped up.As for the quality it is better then expected for the $42 I paid for it, but would probably just as expecte if I paid the full $70. Sometimes these faux-leather materials can feel/look a bit too plasticky or shiny like vinyl, but this one does not. It's very nice and soft. There are a some loose dangling threads on the stitching which is disappointing but fixable. The 3 buttons that hold the head part of the hood in place seem a bit flimsy and like they aren't stitched into place very securely and after reading some of the other reviews I've come to the conclusion that I'll likely have to replace them eventually. My biggest from a quality perspective however is the zippers, they definitely feel like they are significantly lower quality than the rest of the jacket. I haven't had any problems with them yet but considering that they seem to be the most commonly cited problem in the reviews and the fact that they feel lightweight I'm very worried that they will break down the road, hopefully being extra careful with them will help.Overall I really like this jacket a lot, it's comfortable, very warm, and it looks great. It loses 1 star because of getting sent the wrong color, the strange/inconsistent fit, and the poor quality zippers and buttons. None of those issues are bad enough on their own but all together they knock off a star. If you can get this jacket on sale it is definitely worth it, but at full price I might look elsewhere.


  10. “Leather” peels and sheds after a while 3

    Posted by Kathryn

    UPDATE:After 2 years, the “leather” started peeling and shedding off around the places that bend, like the elbows and shoulders. Now in 2020 it’s unwearable. It’s a shame because my husband really liked it.ORIGINAL:Very nice jacket for the price. It was a gift for my 5'10”, 215lb husband and the 2XL fit great. He normally wears an XL but this runs slim. It's not too heavy or too lightweight but just about right for the mild winters we get in the south. I like that the hoodie unzips from the jacket and all the pockets! Husband can't wait for the weather to be cold enough to wear it.


  11. Awesome 5

    Posted by Porcelainpig

    I'm a lady so I ordered a small and I ordered the thicker version because I get cold very easily. This jacket is well made and I will be using it for work this winter because I work outside. I anticipate it will work well.The shoulders on me are wide but it is a men's jacket so I will not count that against my review I'm just hoping at some point they will relax but if not it's no big deal to me.


  12. Surprisingly Good Product 5

    Posted by Fjackets Customer

    Wow! Very pleasantly surprised. I have bought a lot of different cheap, Chinese made jackets, and I always return them, because they are usually terrible quality. Got this for $169 and it is warm, comfy, and looks good. The zipper that connects the removable hood to the jacket is super quality. Overall, however, considering the price, I cant give this less than 5 stars. Much better than expected.


  13. Great jacket, fits perfect. 4

    Posted by Mars

    XL, light weight version, it feels like a heavier version of a bomber jacket for a close comparison, thicker cuffs, nice lining. I gave it 4 stars for a lot of loose strings I needed to trimmed, stitching looks good otherwise. Tons of tags to cut out too. Pretty good sized hood, larger than most sweatshirts.I will update after the winter.FYI Care instructions are machine wash cold regular, wring out, hang dry in shade or regular dry clean. Do not stream, no bleach, no tumble dry.


  14. I am roughly 6 ft tall and weigh 240 and the xxl fits good, I only gave it 4 stars because I ... 4

    Posted by Seth Tyson

    The jacket does run small, I’m roughly 6 ft tall and weigh 240 and the xxl fits good, I only gave it 4 stars because I couldn’t find any info on the difference between heavy and light and someone stated it was the color darkness of the black, I ordered the heavy which is thicker but I would rather of had the lighter jacket. Other than that it’s great, good quality so far


  15. Warning: Badass alert 4

    Posted by Kal the Handyman

    Nice. I'm a badass now.


  16. Why shirt buttons? 3

    Posted by John J.

    It's a good jacket, blocks the wind as I ride the boats where I work, my only dislike is the hood, why is the hood held in place with shirt buttons? The jacket features a removable hood that also takes out this thin extension to the jacket. I dont remove the hood simply because the zipper broke and I cant zip it up. The hood's attached mainly by zippers via the extension but instead of one zipper all the way through its 2 zippers along the chest of the jacket and then around the back of the neck there are 3 tiny shirt buttons to hold the hood on, and they dont hold the hood on very well.


  17. Fantastic Jacket to look good in 5

    Posted by Xena

    If you're anything like me I would save up to buy this jacket, been eyeballing until the price was right below $50. Decent quality lots of pockets in convenient places. Even the heavy jacket isn't terrible but I love the interchangable hoodie that comes along. The size is true to American standard at least the 1x I bought myself.


  18. Sweet jacket and great price!!! 5

    Posted by Big Ray Hernandez

    I'll make this very short and sweet I hope it helps. The jacket is fantastic. The quality is really really good and I bought a 3XL. I'm 6 ft 2 250 lb with large shoulders and long arms... A 2XL would have fit kind of snug the 3XL was just the right fit. I also wear a size 54 jacket and I have a 20 inch neck...this jacket looks sweet! Whether you dress it up or dress it down it works both ways. I tried it on with the hood and that I unzip the hood and used it to go out at night and I got complimented by my fiance. that's why I she's very picky LOL! I think for the price and the quality this is a great buy!


  19. Good jacket - no beef involved 4

    Posted by Error

    Does run a bit small as others have mentioned. Buy a size larger than you think you need. Looks good, wears as a good medium cold jacket. Removable hood is a nice touch. It has a metal zipper, but I would call it a medium weight zipper. Not as heavy as common jeans zipper. Zipper is left handed. Surprised at that since it was not mentioned, but I can adapt. Overall, I like it. Put some gloves with it and good into low 30's.


  20. 4 stars due to buttons lack of secureness 4

    Posted by TNP

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my SO. So far he is pleased with the quality of material. However, it is too big for him, but he still likes it. I believe the sizing chart to be true to size, as I ordered 2 sizes larger, because I was scared it ran small.The only con about this jacket is the hood is poorly secured by buttons in the center and a zipper on each end. My SO has broken 2 buttons since purchasing.


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