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Double Breasted Suit Pinstripe

Let me show you how to change your double-breasted suit from business to casual a few simple steps on weekdays. I wear my double-breasted with a crisp white shirt, a gray tie, and a colorful pocket square finish the work. We've looked off by adding a pair of timeless single bucks because a double-breasted suit is a statement piece, especially one with pinstripes.

Double Breasted Suit Mens

I kept the outfit clean and straightforward remember that the jacket of a double-breasted should never worn. Open close to two middle buttons first, the inner one to keep things in place, and the outer button always leave this one button; it's casual Friday. I keep the jacket and replace the trousers with a cotton pair. I swapped the shirt for a light blue one instead of taking off the tie and adding double monk straps. The outfit immediately looks less formal though still dressed up enough to wear to the office for the weekend look.

Double Breasted Suit Jacket

I wanted to go more casual take on the double-breasted suit, I kept the suit jacket, but through on a chambray shirt is a fair element, and Calton cargos through the ferrule made is a bit daring. The double-breasted coat mainly covers it. I then slipped into some hiking boots to create an edge, so now you know how to pull off your double-breasted suit.