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Mens Wool Coats and Blazers

Wool Coat and Blazer Jacket for Men


Today we are going to be going over best jackets for I guess winter now I should have done this in the fall realistically, but it's wintertime having a good at least one good like a base coat for going on dates. I'm going downtown going even to want to stay warm you wish to look good it's an essential thing to have for the winter, in my opinion, I'm giving you some examples of a wool coat and blazer.


Wool coat black


I would highly recommend ones I wear myself for depending on the formality of where you're going to wear coats like this. You wouldn't wear sneakers or converse while you're so they're technically sneakers you wouldn't wear those you wouldn't wear running shoes you wouldn't wear like casual loafers or not sandals. I think that's straightforward, but these are like semi-formal kind of outfit, so anyways, this is getting me the first coat okay this is the first coat. It's relatively long first of all how it kind of tapers in the middle and it's streamlined to a physique that has a V taper, so that's super important also the shoulders they're not it's hard to find something in suit jackets or coats. There not tapered off with like a square, and when you have a slender slim kind of like more model looking physique, so it's not very complementary to a frame. If it's blocked Stoff ideally, you want to have it this looks. That's why it's so good a lot of coats have the issue where this part is just like a straight 90-degree angle.

Wool coat for winter


When you have it like that, it looks terrible, so you want to make sure shoulders aren't long enough tapered to your physique makes you appear slimmer. It just matches everything, so this would be the first recommendation. I would have only a plain black long slim fitting, not boxy looking coat, and this you can wear white under this you could wear maroon red you can wear anything realistically under this because of black matches with almost everything. So this is one of my go-to outfits I would have this in the wintertime I might dress like a scarf around this too that's about it I wear a watch, and that's pretty much all. I do for accessories maybe glasses once in a while, but that's about it, so anyways, this is the first coat you want to look at, and this is the first one.