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Navy Blue Suit for Men


Five ways to wear a navy suit first up, we have a classic business look white French cuff shirt striped tie, cap, toe, shoes, leather briefcase, and crisp white pocket square. As you can see, this jacket has patch pockets, which are typically a more casual pocket style now you could make the case that if you are buying a navy suit correctly to wear in a business environment. That you should go with flat pockets rather than patch pockets, and I would not disagree with you, however, if you're buying the suit with an eye more towards versatility.

Navy blue suit prom

I would go with patch pockets want to point out this shirt, which is a pin collar shirt on in a business setting. I like a pin collar as a simple way to step it up and stand out in a manner that is not over-the-top. A navy suit is straightforward to dress down. Even if you are wearing a tie now, one of my favorite ways to do this is to swap out the typical dress shirt for a denim shirt is a great way to bridge that formality gap in either direction. It can elevate a casual look or dress down something more formal, like a suit. As it does here, a denim shirt always looks great with a navy quinidine tie, and to keep with the more casual theme here, and pocket square fold has a little more Flair on the wrist and loafers instead of Lasix continuing down. The more casual side of things here starting by losing the time now when you are dealing with a full suit. You are trying to dress it down. The only way that you can do this is with your choice of the shirt, just like I did with the denim shirt.

Navy blue suit wedding

The last look here I did it with a more casual gingham shirt this look would be excellent if you want to skip the Ascot. Still, I added it to give it a touch of elegance. You know, since and spend a little cooler recently to keep the draft from going down my shirt finishing off here about a navy suit is you can break it down into separates. The next two looks feature the jacket alone this look is what is the menswear uniform Navy jacket light blue Oh CBD gray flannel pants. Now, this is a blank slate that you can be utterly conservative with or as wild as you want to be I came down somewhere right in the middle with the white and black wool Glen plaid tie.