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Shearling Coats and Jackets

Shearling jacket mens

I'm going to be talking you through free ways to wear one of my favorite winter wardrobe all-time classics, the shearling jacket mens. So firstly, I went for the classic styling option now. This is a sleek and simple look, and you probably already have the wardrobe basics at home to recreate it. So I've opted for a pair of skinny black jeans, a white crewneck tee black brogues, and just thrown the jacket over the top simple but effective right.

Shearling Jacket Black

It's a kind of dress-down fresh look, so for my second shearling jacket black look, I've gone from more of a streetwear feel. West look more casual days so for this I've selected a looser style of Jean worn low and paired these with another favorite of mine the Timberland boot now to complete this look. I've just added in a simple grey hoodie for a fuss-free feel, and lastly, for my third look now, this is your more formal option.

Shearling Jacket Vintage

Now, this outfit has a real shearling jacket vintage feel to it, which I love and the tie I've used as a dapper touch I've also selected a formal gray trouser in this bird's eye fabric. Classic white oxford shirt a cable knit jumper for a splash of color and a vintage Brown broke really like in the layers texture colors in this outfit. They're the perfect way for adding some extra detail without going overboard, so they were my free, easy ways to where you're shearling jacket.


Frequently Ask Questions

Are shearling jackets in fashion?

The shearling outerwear’s as winter apparel that had nothing to do with fashion, but it has transformed into a luxurious fashion part that nothing else in mens clothing.


Are shearling jackets warm?      

Shearling jackets are remarkably warm. The sheepskin lining is incredible protection against the coldest days, and the soft cushiony feel makes them very comfortable.  


Where is the shearling coat made?

Shearling coats are made all over the world, however, the most famous expensive ones produced in Spain and Iceland.


How to clean a shearling coat?

To clean your shearling, we recommend you use a mild detergent (no Woolite), normal hair shampoo is ideal. Then wipe it with another cloth damped with fresh water.